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Elleio's debut single, released on February              5th, 2021

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'The diary of a fruit loop' EP 

Coming soon 

Available in English & French




Her first release as a solo artist, Elleio takes us into each corner of her mind within the 4 tracks on her debut EP ‘The Diary of a Fruit Loop’ which will be available in both English and French. With inspiration from her favourite artists such as fellow Kiwi Lorde, Australian Julia Jacklin and Belgium sensation Stromae, ‘Fruit Loop Diary’ encompasses a mix of influences from other musicians as well as the product of growing up in a multicultural family with widely contrasting scenery. Whether it’s the more gentle, romance driven ‘Leo’ played on a softly strung ukulele, or the more energetic, electro pop inspired ‘Upbeat’, Elleio shows us that this debut EP really is just the beginning. 

“I think the term ‘Fruit Loop’ sums me up quite well and I use it quite often, its about being completely and unapologetically yourself, and yes, sometimes you may be labelled a ‘Fruit Loop’ for it but at the end of the day, there’s nothing else I’d rather be. This EP holds a lot of meaning to me, its the first project I’m sharing with the world and it holds some of my deepest dreams and feelings, some of which I confronted whilst writing these songs. I think music is very vulnerable, and I think its a good sign when you’ve created something from so much vulnerability that you’re nervous but excited to share it with others.” 



The songs availability in French stems from Elleio witnessing first hand her relatives singing songs in English perfectly, having no understanding of the words they were singing. This observation inspired her to provide a French version of ‘Fruit Loop Diary’, giving her French listeners the option to hear the song in either language. 

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